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Flannery’s tree care is operating as normal as possible, adhering to the HSE guidelines to ensure safety 1st at all times. 
Stay safe people.
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Care for Your Trees with Our Arborist Services in Dublin!

Flannery’s tree care offers premium arborist tree services in Dublin and surrounding areas. Equipped with years of experience, expert knowledge, and specialist tools, we are a dedicated team of local arborists, offering various tree management services at affordable tree arborist prices. Whether an unkempt tree is affecting your curb appeal or a diseased tree has turned into a potential hazard, you can rely on us to take care of it for you.

General Tree Management Services – Arborist tree service

Tree management generally involves pruning and trimming. Formative pruning allows the tree to grow properly and increase its aesthetic value. Pruning is also essential to make sure that your tree does not restrict the flow of wind or sunlight. There are different types of pruning cuts, including crown cleaning, crown lifting, crown thinning, tree pollarding, and crown reduction. [Enter Company Name] expert tree surgeons will determine the right pruning cut for your tree and trim it following the British Standard Recommendation for tree work.

Arborist Tree Removal Services

Sometimes, there’s no other option but to remove a tree entirely due to disease, inappropriate location, or potential safety hazards. This is where arborist tree cutting and removal services come in! We specialize in tree felling. Our tree surgeons take all safety measures to ensure a flawless job without any inconveniences. Every tree removal arborist on our team is thoroughly experienced and skilled, which means that no job is too big or too hard for our crew.  Our certified arborists make sure that every tree is removed in a controlled environment with minimum disruption.

Stump Grinding Services

Once a tree has been removed, a tree stump is nothing but an eyesore. Nothing brings down the aesthetic value of your lawn or garden like a tree stump sticking out of the ground. It keeps the grass from covering the area and may also keep you from replanting. Moreover, new sprout and growth around a decaying stump can be a big nuisance. But there’s no need to worry – our tree arborists can help you get rid of tree stumps. Tree stump removal involves grinding the stump into the ground and we have just the right tools and expertise that to do that!

Arborist dublin
tree arborist
Tree Arborist

Hedge and Shrub Trimming

Our expert arboriculturists can help you maintain dense, compact, and beautiful topiaries in your garden. We offer various hedge and shrub services, including hedge reduction, shrub trimming, hedge and shrub removal, hedge maintenance, and much more!

Tree Health and Condition Survey

Determining the health and condition of a tree requires expert knowledge and experience. Certified arborists at [Enter Company Name] can perform various arboricultural impact assessments and tree surveys compliant with BS: 5837 to ensure your trees enjoy optimal health and never pose a threat to you or the environment.

Tree consultant

Tired of searching “licensed arborist near me” to get some advice on legal or insurance issues? Look no further – Flannerys,s tree care has fully qualified staff that deals with all kinds of tree-related problems faced by our residential, commercial, and municipal clients. Consultancy can save you a lot of time, money, and effort!

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There’s no denying that a tree arborist can help you maintain a stunning garden. The only remaining question that you may be wondering is how can I find an experienced and licensed arborist near me? Well, if you are in Dublin or anywhere near it, Flannerys,s tree care can take care of all your garden needs.

Our team of expert tree arborists in Dublin excels at tree care and management services of all kinds. We care for your trees, which is why we offer affordable tree arborist prices for all our clients. Contact us to discuss your individual requirements for a beautiful and safe garden. Feel free to call us at 0860312388 to get a quote today!